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More Jack Thompson fun...
Since I seem to be on an anti-Jack Thompson crusade for the time being, here's something else:

Thompson gets owned by a 14 year-old gamer.

Sadly, I'm sure he gets stuff like this all the time, which is probably why he has simply resorted to firing off his one-liner insults rather than actually attempting to defend his tenuous position. After all, gamers are already a lost cause to him, apparently, so why should he waste his time explaining things to us since, in his eyes, we're obviously too stupid to understand? Thing is, the reverse could be said of all the gamers who email him attempting to make him see our side of it. This guy is never going to understand. Emailing him to try to make him Get It isn't going to work. He doesn't want to Get It. He just wants to continue getting publicity for himself and making money off of the true victims of violence that he has conned into believing his lies about video games being the source of all evil. I just hope that the people who are exchanging correspondence such as this with him are then going on to forward copies of it to the senators that Thompson so loves to cite as being on his side, to show them what kind of a person he really is.

It's going to be sad when the rest of the general non-gaming public finally wisens up to the fact that JT was simply a nutball all along, and we then lose his services as the whipping boy of anti-anti-gamers everywhere. Well, no, that will be excellent, actually. Then, maybe, we could get some true, serious debate on the issues at hand, rather than the perpetuation of this whole "us versus them" mentality on which JT thrives and makes his living.

But unfortunately, Thompson is not the only public figure to hold that mentality. He's merely the most vocal for the moment, by far. Here's a bit of background on that last link, for anyone who hasn't heard about it before now. John Davison is editorial director for and several gaming magazines including EGM. Brooks Brown is one of the survivors of the Columbine massacre, aka D-FENS on, where he has written several interesting blogs. And Donny Deutsch is the host of The Big Idea on CNBC. John Davison and Brooks Brown were guests on The Big Idea back in June. The details of the trainwreck that followed are given in that link, which is Davison's blog/rant on the subject. And here is Brooks Brown's blog touching on the same, which was also his first entry to

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I don't think that was written by a fourteen year old. =\

It's possible, perhaps even probable. However, I have seen other 14-year olds who have displayed a writing ability and level of maturity that would have put to shame people twice their age, so I'm totally discounting it.

In any case, Jack Thompson got owned. On the other hand, that's not really all that unusual, since it doesn't take rocket science to own Jack Thompson in a conversation like this, considering that he almost always immediately stoops to throwing insults and threatening legal action rather than actually debating anything.

The sad thing is that one reason he may do this is because he probably gets so many "STFU u fAG!!!!1!!~!@@!2`" emails that he has just taken to dismissing emails from gamers out of hand, no matter how well written and serious they might be. I'm certainly not defending Jack Thompson here in any way, since the guy is an honest to goodness asstard, but he probably gets a lot of stuff from that contingent of 11-year olds that Brooks Brown criticized in his blog on 1up (and who make it incredibly hard to fathom that someone only a few years older could be even remotely well-spoken). Still, I have no sympathy for Thompson, since that's what he gets for openly posting his email address on his website.

Actually, it looks like he has updated his website since I last checked it, because he no longer has his email address displayed. Maybe he got a clue, at least in that instance.

But... as for the rest of his website, he's still as full of himself as ever, if not moreso.

At one point he says:

"Jack Thompson doesn't want your money. He isn't asking you to be a client. What he wants is for you to get up out of your chair because you're as mad as Hell about the video game industry's assault on our children and you're not going to take it anymore!

These people will not stop. They mentally molest minors for money, which is the root of all sorts of evil."

(Let me pause for a moment and admire that bit of alliteration in that last sentence there. Okay, I'm done.)

Yet on the very same page, prior to this, he's promoting his book:

"Jack has a Tyndale House book, Out of Harm's Way, arriving in November 2005. You can order it now at and"

*laughs out loud*

With regard to JT's book on

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*not* totally discounting it, rather.

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