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Excerpt from my pencil-and-paper journal
(For reference, this is the thing that was on TV as I was writing the below.)

Journal entry date/time, Feb 16, 2017, 10:05am:

Right now, on TV, on the PBS channel that's on at the moment, they're showing a show for Black History Month. Now, they're talking about crack and street crime, and how that got turned into "black crime."

Here's the thing... too many white people judge all black people by their worst examples. All black people are street thug drug dealers, for example. Similarly, all Middle Eastern people are radical Islamic terrorists. All Latinx people are illegal aliens here to terk er jerbs.

Well, if you're going to judge all people of color by their worst, then you might as well do the same with white people. If you're going to judge all white people by the worst of us, then all white people are Donald J. Trump. All white people are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, white supremacist shitbags. All white people are inbred, incestuous, trailer trash meth heads. All white people are hicks and hillbillies who will shoot you dead in a second for no reason with one of their several dozen hoarded guns.

Racism is bullshit, but it is also still a real thing, a very much alive thing, and that sucks some serious, hardcore ass. The sad thing is that it's going to remain a thing for a while yet, especially thanks to the Racist-in-Chief.


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