"A Fortnight of Trump"
Meh, I'm sure the one or two people who actually still bother to read my LJ are probably sick of me ranting about Trump all the time, so... here's a link to a blog where someone else rants about Trump for a while. ¬_¬

We need to consider the inverse of Hanlon's razor when it comes to the Trump administration.
We all know Hanlon's razor, right?

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

In many cases, that's a good philosophy to live by. However, when it comes to Donald Trump and his administration (as well as those currently leading Congress who back him), I believe that the inverse can and perhaps should be applied.

"Never dismiss as mere stupidity that which is indeed actively malicious."

For example, take the recent brouhaha over crowd sizes at the inauguration. Yes, it might seem incredibly stupid for Sean Spicer to hold a press conference in which he blatantly, clearly lied. Yes, it might seem absolutely asinine that Kellyanne Conway then doubled down on it with that "alternative facts" bullshit. "Alternative facts," otherwise known by sane people as blatant, clear lies.

But here's the thing. I don't think the above things were just stupid. Don't get me wrong, they are stupid, but I don't think they're only stupid. I think that these people, more than simply being stupid, are being indeed actively malicious. For a long while now, Trump has been very critical of the press (except, of course, for a few outliers that Trump treats, for the most part, as golden children, such as Faux Noise and Bratbarf Noise [after all, fucking Steve Bannon, former head of Bratbarf, is Trump's Chief Strategist now, heaven help us all]). Lately, Trump's go-to ploy when a piece of news comes out that is critical of him is to simply label said piece of news as "fake news" and dismiss it out of hand.[1] Trumpster fires and sockpuppets on social media then repeat Trump's bawling and amplify it by several orders of magnitude.

Yes, they could have ignored the whole inauguration crowd size thing. That, one would think, would have been the smart thing to do. Had they done so, most people would have simply chuckled over it for a day or two, and then it would have been completely forgotten within a week. But now, thanks to the Streisand effect, because they have focused in on this relatively trivial issue, it has been in the forefront of news for days now, and likely will remain so, especially if they continue to harp on it. (EDIT) Which they are. (/EDIT)

The purpose for this is two-fold. For one thing, it serves quite well as yet another petty distraction from all of the terrible shit that Trump has done in just his first few days in office. Diversion from the real issues with infantile bullshit like this is yet another of Trump's unfortunately successful tactics. In other words, they have weaponized the Streisand effect. So there is that.

However, more importantly, this fracas over crowd sizes is, again, yet another small cog in the ongoing machinery employed by the Trump administration, the sole purpose of which is to discredit the press. And, as I've said before and as I'm sure I'll say again, this machinery has been running far too smoothly. Far, far, FAR too many gullible morons take Trump's claims at face value. They treat his words as unvarnished, gospel truth. They believe him when he says that the press is lying, and that the press is only out to "get him." And, of course, they also believe all the other blatant, clear lies that Trump and his administration (and before that his transition team, and before that his campaign, and before that just Trump, the man) have been incessantly telling.

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
"Never dismiss as mere stupidity that which is indeed actively malicious."

One of these statements applies to the Trump administration. I believe it to be the latter, but I also believe that it ultimately will have to be left up to posterity to determine which was the more applicable of the two. Are Trump and his flunkies and his Trumpster fires merely stupid? Or are they actively malevolent? Or, perhaps, are they some degrees of both of those things? Because, indeed, stupidity and malice are not mutually exclusive states of being, and have never been. Even if it's hampered by stupidity, ham-handed malice is still malice. Anyway, time will tell. But the one thing I can absolutely assure you of is that it is at least one of those two.

[1] - And, no, it obviously doesn't help at all when overzealous reporters jump the gun and report on something that didn't happen, instead of pausing and making sure they had their goddamn ducks in a row first. It doesn't even matter that this "story" was merely a few tweets by one guy, and that the guy has already apologized and retracted his erroneous statements. The damage has already been done, and now Trump has more ammunition for his otherwise ludicrous "fake news" hysterics.

Transcribing this from my pencil-and-paper journal entry for today:

"Well, today is the day. D-day, if you want to call it that. Donald Trump day. Though it might be better or more appropriate to call it Doomsday or Dumbass Day or Diarrhea-spewing-encrusted-anus Day or Dude-we-are-so-very-very-fucked-now Day.

"This is the day that Donald Trump gets officially sworn in as *ugh*shiver* President of the United States of America.

"And Ma just came in here and turned the TV on and, of course, it's showing shit about the inauguration. The first thing I saw, which was the last thing I wanted to see, was Trump's ridiculous orange face. And the words coming out of the duckbill-shaped anus on his face, him bloviating about making America wealthy, safe, proud, and GREAT again. As if we weren't all of those things already. As if America under Donald Jackass Trump won't do a 180° in the direction away from those things.

"Obama was sitting off to the side, almost directly behind Trump, and I had to wonder what he was thinking at that moment. If it had been me in Obama's place, I'd have been imagining myself dropkicking Trump in the back of the head. And I saw Dubya Bush and Bill Clinton in the crowd next to Obama, too. I don't know about Dubya, but if I were Bill, I'd have been daydreaming of doing a few dropkicks, too. That would have been something to see: Barack Obama and Bill Clinton doing a dropkick pincer attack with Trump's grotesque, fat head in between."

(EDIT) As it turns out, Dubya apparently was too busy fighting with his poncho to be dropkicking anybody. (/EDIT)

If Real Life Was A Horror Movie...
If real life was a horror movie, we'd be just a day away from the scene in which the slasher villain is about to go on his first big killing spree.

For example, the cornfield scene in Freddy vs Jason:

In this scenario, if real life were a horror movie, Donald Trump would be Jason Voorhees. The ravers would be our civil rights, our foreign relations, our national ethics, and so on and so forth. The cornfield itself, being set ablaze, would be America. January 20, 2017 would be the day that Jason emerges and starts destroying everything. And, unseen in this clip, Vladimir Putin would be Freddy Krueger, calling the shots from behind the scenes.

Keep in mind, also, that the movie is called Freddy vs Jason, and that it ends with a fight to the death between Jason, who Freddy mistakenly thought he could control but who instead just turned out to be a big, dumb, mindless wrecking ball, and Freddy, the master of the dreamworld who had been steadily losing his power and who turned to Jason for assistance. In the end, you think Jason has won their battle, but then Freddy winks.

Nintendo Switch preview presentation thing...
So... I've gotten Youtube notifications about reaction videos from at least Super Best Friends, Cinemassacre, and Angry Joe (EDIT) and Pat the NES Punk (/EDIT) so far, but I haven't watched it (or any of those) myself yet.

I dunno... I'll just embed the tweets I made about this yesterday or whenever, because I'm too apathetic to even honestly rehash it here.

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I'll transcribe what I wrote in my pencil-and-paper journal yesterday, as well.

"A bunch of people I follow on Twitter were talking about the Nintendo Switch yesterday. Apparently, Nintendo had some kind of presentation about it, and they were reacting to that. I don't know... I just can't bring myself to care about it too much. The new Legend of Zelda game looks interesting, I guess. I didn't (and probably won't) watch the presentation, though, so that's still all I know is coming out for the new console. Meh."

I seriously don't know. I haven't even cared enough to watch shit about the Nintendo Switch, yet. Maybe if I ever get around to doing so, maybe I'll change my tune on it. I'd like to care, but... meh. I really haven't cared about any of the new consoles all that much lately. The only one that's even kind of interested me is the PS4, what with Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian and the upcoming Persona 5 (which I know next to nothing about, except that it's Persona 5) and all, but even then... fuckin' meh. It's not that I'm out of gaming altogether, because I still buy a ton of (dirt cheap) shit on Steam and GOG and such, but for the foreseeable future, I guess I am out of console gaming altogether.

The Resistance with Keith Olbermann (11-20)
(EDIT) Latest edit: January 12, 2017, to add episode #20. Future episodes will be in a new post. (/EDIT)

Keith Olbermann rants crazily, so that I don't have to.

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Russia, Wikileaks, and Emails.
I've already made my opinion of the whole Hillary Clinton email brouhaha evident in previous posts here and elsewhere, most recently over here in this Twitter thread.

But since Trump and Trumpster fires, as Keith Olbermann said, cannot. Leave it. Alone. Let's talk about this shit, one more time.

Let's talk about how the Clinton campaign had already floated the possibility that the leaked emails, at least some of them anyway, were probably fake. Whether this was done by the Russians who first got their hands on the emails prior to handing them to Wikileaks or by Wikileaks itself, we don't, won't, and can't know, really. But the possibility is there and has always been there.

However, this possibility that at least some of the emails (likely the most damaging ones) were doctored has flown almost entirely under the radar. It seems to me like just about everyone, on both sides of the issue, has more or less just accepted at face value that all of these leaked emails are legit, when there's a very real possibility that they're not to be trusted, considering the source.

The source? Russia, again. This was a calculated operation, ordered by Putin, specifically to cause to happen what did happen, i.e. Trump is now the Dumbass Elect of the United States of America. Why would Trump help the Russians? They probably have dirt on him. Trump says it's all "fake news," but then, of course, Trump is a well known pathological liar, so...

As such, it is my not at all humble opinion that anyone and everyone who has been within smelling distance of Donald Trump and his presidential campaign for at least the past year or more needs to be investigated to within an inch of their lives. Start with Trump himself and work down, or start from the outside to build a case and save Trump for last, I don't care, but it needs to happen. This includes everyone on his campaign staff. This includes everyone on his transition staff. This includes Mike Pence. This includes everyone Trump has picked for his Cabinet. This includes Trump's staunchest supporters in Congress. This includes Trump's potential SCOTUS picks. And this includes, at the very least, James Comey of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (but likely others within that organization), given that it was Comey's asinine letter to Congress just a couple weeks before the election which brought the whole email issue roaring back into the public consciousness (not that Trump or his Trumpster fires had ever truly allowed it to leave the public consciousness), even as Comey admits now that the Russians hacked the Republicans as well, but just didn't leak any of their shit.

And, hell, if anything, this should throw a shadow of doubt over everything that has ever been leaked by Wikileaks, not just the DNC and Clinton emails, but also the stuff that had Sarah Palin calling Assange "an anti-American operative with blood on his hands" and had Donald Trump musing about death penalties. (But if it's something that helps their side, they're all for it. Go figure.)

But but but Hillary... but what about her emails...

Hillary Clinton has been mostly out of the public eye since the election. (Though the few times she's been seen, she appears to be doing okay.) Hillary Clinton is more or less a non-factor at this point. I don't think anyone, now, is truly still expecting a bona fide miracle to happen that will somehow get her into the White House, and for Trumpster fires to continue to harp on Hillary and her emails just shows how desperate they really are.

No, this is about Donald Trump now, pure and simple. Trump, as I said in that Twitter thread above, is the one still in the news, still saying and doing asinine bullshit. Still harping on about the Russian hacks, even though it actually would be in his best interests to shut his stupid fucking mouth, for once, before he really sticks his foot in it. Though, by all means, if Trump wants to continually risk saying something that he truly can't walk back the next day, he should go right on ahead and do so. The more fuel on the fire building under him the better, as far as I'm concerned.

Trump and his Trumpster fires called her "Crooked Hillary" and chanted "lock her up," when it's really Crooked Donnie who should be in prison, rather than in the Oval Office. It's actually kind of amusing that it was this attempt by Trump and his Russian buddies to discredit Hillary that will, in a truly just world, be the thing that is the ruination of Trump. Sadly, though, we don't live in a truly just world.

Anyone else having weird problems with LiveJournal at the moment?
Drop-down menus don't show up, for one thing, and the "Preview Entry" button isn't clickable for me. It was working fine yesterday, but is busted now.

(EDIT) I thought it might have been a Firefox thing, but it's happening in Chrome, too. Tried clearing cookies and cache and all that on both browsers, but nothing. Also, weirdly, if I click on my profile icon in the top right corner, and let the mouse hover over it as the page reloads, the main drop-down menu will appear for a split second, but then go away. In any case, LJ is half-broken at the moment, at least for me, anyway. (/EDIT)

"Super Mario Run - Mike & Ryan"
I watched this video only up until right around the 3:30 mark, then I stopped. It should be easy to see why.

"Abobo's Big Adventure - James & Mike Mondays"
I played this game years ago, when it first came out, but it was almost as great watching James and Mike play it as it was playing it myself. (Yeah, I know, I'm a little behind on this, as I'd kind of fell out of watching Cinemassacre videos for a little while, for some reason, but now I'm watching them again and glad to be doing so, because this was great.)

Spoiler warning, obviously, if you haven't played it yourself, yet.

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